Steele Celebration & Special Guests

Steele Celebration & Special Guest!

Steele School: Special Celebration and Guest Visitor


In the last issue you found out about Steele’s house system. The house names are from languages found in Galesburg’s population.  Steele School’s students are the Superstars, so each house is represented by its own constellation, a color, and a crest.  Houses meet once a week, with whole school house activities happening once a quarter.  Points are awarded for various student actions and activities, so houses are in a friendly competition to see which house can have the most points for each quarter.  Points are tallied weekly and posted in the dining hall, where all can see.


At the end of the first quarter the number of points earned in each house were:

House Name














Steele Superstar Total



With Penseur being in the lead a whole school assembly was devoted to hononing the house and their good work.  During the assembly students enjoyed dancing, singing, and watching Mr. Lingafelter juggle.  The assembly ended with a special “yellow-honoring Penseur’s house color” balloon launch on the front lawn of Steele. 


Since the assembly students and staff have been focused on the 12 Tools for Triumph to help our school be a better place.  Each Tuesday houses meet and the focus over the Thanksgiving time has been Tool #11- Surprise Others with Random Acts of Kindness.  During the month letters have been written to Veteran’s and a special delivery was made by Steele staff member Jean Kilpatrick-Ruebner.  The veterans were delighted with the cards and knowledge that students are being encouraged to do random acts of kindness.  Other random acts of kindness have been a variety of thank you letters to staff members and fellow students.  The month of December finds our houses in a penny war battle seeing who can earn the most money for our local Fish Food Pantry.  These acts of giving help build a solid foundation with all Steele Superstar students.


Due to Steele’s passion for developing these special house activities for students Ron Clark surprised Steele School by visiting in person!  On his way to Macomb, IL where is was speaking at Western Illinois University, he stopped at several schools in Galesburg.  He had heard about Steele's expectations, Steele's six Houses, and other changes the staff had made in the past two years. He surprised several teachers in their classrooms and delighted students with his questions about their education, what they were learning, how hard they were working, etc. It was a thrilling day to be a Steele Superstar!

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