STEM at Steele!

Every Friday in Mrs. Hickey's second grade class students participate in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activity. In this particular activity, students were given a box, pencils, CD's and rubber bands. They had to work together in their group to build a school bus.

First, they had to draw a blueprint of their design and then measure the distance that their bus could roll. Later, they wrote about what worked well during their planning and implementation phases, what was challenging and then a way that they had improved their design while they were building. 

The class read Rosie Revere, Engineer at the beginning of the school year. The story is about a girl who liked to create, but was afraid to fail. She had lots of encouragement from friends and family and she never gave up while creating. 

Mrs. Hickey reminded the students that even when it may be tricky to come up with a design that will work, we continue to try ideas, work hard and never give up...just like Rosie. According to Mrs. Hickey, "It's so fun to watch them engage in the STEM challenge and work together!"

STEM students in 2nd Grade

STEM Students in 2nd Grade

STEM Students in 2nd Grade