Steele Star Students of the Week for Jan. 16 - 20, 2023

Congratulations to this week's Steele Star Students!  #Thisis205 #wearesteele

  • John is always on task, helping others, and setting a great example!
  • Victoria always tries her best and keeps her desk clean. She is kind to others and always willing to lend a helping hand.
  • Samara has been working so hard and has really grown this year! She is a great listener and lives by polite is right! Keep up the great work Samara!
  • Kaitlyn is a hard worker that never gives up! She loves a challenge and loves to help others.
  • Elijah is displaying positive behaviors following his daily routine, completing his work, following directions and helping his teachers. Way to go !!!
  • Aaliyah is having a great week! She completed all of her assignments and is participating regularly in class. We absolutely love having her in class!
  • Ryder is a true leader in 4th grade! He is always willing to help, ask questions and do his best every single day! Keep up the great work Ryder!
  • Vermanche came back from winter break with the clear intention of working hard. He has had a great attitude and is great at being a friend!
  • Bryson has done a good job of using a growth mindset this week. He has completed all of his work and worked hard to use his emotional and mental strength. I'm proud of his accomplishments this week!
  • Scarlett is such a positive force in our classroom. She has a smile for everyone and will help or work with anyone. She always gives her best on all of her assignments and can be counted on to do the right thing. Keep up the great work Scarlett we are lucky to have you!
  • Jacob is such a hard worker. He is always willing to help with extra tasks in the classroom and is kind to everyone. He has a fun personality and makes us laugh. I am proud of how hard Jacob perseveres, even when things are hard. He advocates for himself and asks for help if he needs it. Jacob's work ethic is the best around! Way to go Jacob!
  • Hilarite is always showing the qualities of a Steele Star! She comes to school ready to learn every day and does her best, even when things are hard. Hilarite is kind to her classmates and loves to help her teachers. She is creative and makes others smile. Great job, Hilarite!!
  • Easton is doing a great job in third grade! He shows kindness and CHAMPS expectations everyday! He is always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it.
  • Rosie  is a Steele Superstar! Rosie is always ready and willing to help her classmates. She looks for ways to solve problems and lend a helping hand. Way to go Superstar Rosie!
  • Raven is so excited to learn and put her brain to the test! She is accountable, she loves to be a friend to all, and always makes her teacher smile. She has been trying her best on all of her work and admires the feeling from putting in hard work! I'm so proud of you, Raven! Keep up the great work!
  • Anakin is a wonderful student! He stays on task, is social with his classmates, and is always able to help a classmate when they need help! He is great to have in class !
  • Violet has greatly improved in reading! She has worked hard to focus and participate during whole group instruction and complete activities during stations. I have also seen her develop and practice social skills with her friends such as sharing, being helpful, and being kind. Way to go Violet!
  • Allison has a great attitude! She goes above and beyond to make others feel welcomed and successful. There is never a time she is not smiling or helping others. Great job Allison! We are lucky to have you in C1!